Vlăduț’s story

Vlăduț Muscalu is a child who, apparently, fits into what we call normality: a sixth grade student with mediocre results, cheerful, energic, always in action. Only the absences section caught our attention because there were whole days when he did not attend school.

With his teacher we visited his family, where we learned a shocking story. Vlăduț has two older brothers, both dropped out of school after the 8th grade, due to the fact that they had to work to earn money to support their family. The father, alcoholic and violent, showed his frustrations on his mother and the violent scenes were part of the daily program of their childhood.

When Vlăduț was 4 years old when, after a terrible illness, his mother died, leaving him in the care of his grandmother and father. The violent scenes continued until the grandmother’s relatives, aged 83, bought them a house to separate from the children’s father.

At present, Vlăduț is taken care of by his grandmother and his brothers, but all problems he lived has profoundly marked him.

His debut in the project was not exactly a bright one, the child almost refusing to participate. As he told us, he was ashamed to eat so that other children would not believe that he did not have food at home and her grandmother did not take enough care of him.

After discussions with his grandmother and with his aunt when she returns from Italy, together convinced Vlăduț to participate in the project. At present, he has a good frequency, he has integrated into the group of children participating in the project, and his school situation has improved.  

Vlăduț has high expectations from life, which we are happy about. He does not want to become a shepherd, like his brothers, he wants to become a firefighter, proof of the great and altruistic soul he has.

Maybe the project “Come to school!” it will even change his destiny for the better. It is up to us, his teachers, in large part, how this destiny will be written and how we could convince Vlăduț that education is the only way to change his condition and become a good man.

By Stroie Adela – local implementation expert