Activities with children at Școala Gimnazială “Andrei Șaguna” from Barcani

  • Little readers
  • Mushrooms
  • Lapbook Ecology – collective work
  • Tangram – competition

Little readers

  • visit the school library
  • it is about what a library is, a librarian, a reader
  • the Card of the reader who will borrow books from the library
  • 3D works a – “Little Reader”


  • There is talk about the autumn season and the autumn in the woods
  • Listen to the songs
  • Collective work “Mushrooms”

Lapbook Ecology – collective work

  • Talk about the environment and the effects of global warming
  • The ways of maintaining and protecting a healthy environment
  • Work with the ECOLOGIA lapbook

Tangram – competition

  • Students are divided into groups, there are distributed sheets with tangram patterns and tangram pieces
  • The team that made the most figures wins